Campervan Sink and Gas Cooker Conversion for Toyota Tarago (Estima)




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In this Instructable I will show you how to Integrate a sink, gas cooker and cupboard doors into the boot of my Toyota Tarago (Estima). It's simple to do and the materials aren't expensive.

Step 1: Frame Making

We measured the space on the back of the van and start making the frame.

We made sure the frame fit in the van.

Step 2: Adding Face Frame

We covered the back of the frame with plain wood/plywood. Then we made another frame that divides the front side into two for the door setup.

Step 3: Door Setup

We made two lids that will fit on the face frame for the door.

Now, choosing door type is a user's choice and preference. In my case, I chose to make one lift up and one side open door. I also add spring for the lift up door.

Step 4: Gas Cooker Setup

First, I aligned the gas cooker on the surface of the cupboard. Then, I traced the Gas cooker's dimension and put mark using marker(pencil). Finally, mount and fixed it!

So the Gas cooker setup was perfect!

Step 5: Campervan Sink Setup

First, we assembled the drainage parts. We attached the tube to the stainless sink.

Then, we traced the sink dimension using a marker to the surface and cut it.

Finally! we placed the assembled sink on the top of our cupboard beside the gas cooker.


Step 6: Cupboard Covering

This is the best and the most satisfying part of this project. The sound while cutting the carpet and touching texting of the new carpet is so addictive!

Anyways, we chose the carpet we used that match to our van, so black!

All exposed part of the cupboard including the doors should be covered to protect and to give beauty to our cupboard. The back is optional though.

Step 7: Final Product

Voila! :)



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    4 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Looks great! Have you tested it / used it for some time? I wonder whether carpet is the right stuff on top next to the sink and the cooker, as this part always becomes wet and dirty.

    1 reply

    Reply 19 days ago

    Treu, I would prefer some surface easyer to wash and fire proof near the gass cooking dish washing area. Plus some foldable plate preventing spillage to the seating area.


    1 year ago

    you did a great job on your project.

    it looks like the middle seats are rear facing. is that correct? if so ...

    is that a normal ability of the seats or did you have to make modifications?

    what purpose does it serve to have the seats rear facing?


    1 year ago

    You did a great job, that looks awesome!