Campfire Chili




Introduction: Campfire Chili

All the ingredients are able to be changed. This is a flexible recipe, delicious and smokey. We did this one in our back yard but we do a similar variation for camping as well.

Step 1: A Coal Base.

First, prepare everything you need to go in the chilli. Chop, chop:) Then, relax until you have lots of coals ready for cooking.

Step 2: You Need Grease.

I like bacon or pork belly cut into bits but veggie oil would due. Heat it up or render out the fat from your bacon. Get a good layer of oil so everything doesn't stick to the pot.

Step 3: Lightly Caramelized.

Time to add some onions and garlic. Sweat them and develop some colour.

Step 4: The JD and Golden Crispy Bits of Flavour.

Pour some Jack Daniels into the pot and take your wooden spoon to the brown bits stuck to the bottom. The more you get off the bottom, the better your flavour.

Step 5: Brown the Beef.

Throw in your meat and brown it up.

Step 6: Spice It Up.

We make our own chilli powder, you will need lots of spices. Good things to add to are lots of ground chilies, lots of garlic powder, a fair amount of oregano, some paprika, some cumin, pepper to taste, and even a touch of clove.

Step 7: Veggies.

Add your favourite chopped veggies. Green pepper, red pepper, carrots, corn, and tomatoes. Whatever you might like.

Step 8: Cook It Out.

Cook your chilli until the veggies have softened slightly.

Step 9: Diced Tomatoes.

Add some diced tomatoes. Canned or fresh will work. Cook it out some more.

Step 10: Tomato Sauce and Lentils.

Add some tomato sauce and some lentils. Stir it up.

Step 11: More!

I like to add more quick cooking grains such as moong dal, bulgar, and/or rice.

Step 12: Water to Boil Off.

You need to add water for the beans to absorb. Make it look watery and then boil the water away, and repeat.

Step 13: Cover It Up.

Put the lid on, removing only to stir or add water. Relax, enjoy the fire.

Step 14: Beans and Such.

Anything canned or cooked already, add in now, your chilli is almost done. Careful how much water you add now. Time to boil it off and thicken the chilli.

Step 15: Taste It. Eat It.

Has everything cooked though? Acid of the tomatoes has sweetened up? Is it spicy enough? Maybe some more pepper? Adjust what's needed and then serve. Maybe you want to serve it with some sour cream? Cheese? Chopped green onions?

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    3 Discussions


    7 years ago

    They raked the shavings up ;) I throw a few dried hot peppers in for heat and/or jalapeños chopped up.

    If it ain't spicy, it ain't chili.

    Someone's making a mess with those shavings.....


    7 years ago

    Definitely going to try this. Looks delicious and I love campfire stews, soups, etc.