Campfire Cooking : Bacon-fish and Pancakes




--See video above--

When you are in the wild, it's really nice to kick off the day with a big and delicious breakfast. After a meal like this, you can have a snack lunch and wait until diner to eat another meal. On the menu for this particular breakfast is bacon-fish and pancakes.

Once the bacon is cooked down and the fat has been rendered out, the fish is cooked in the greasy goodness. You save a little bit of space in the cooler by not needing butter and oil and you get delectable light and crispy fish. As far as flavour, very little of the bacon taste is transferred to the fish.

The pancakes on the menu were previously frozen. So ideally, these would be cooked on day 1 or day 2. Using your favorite recipe, simply reduce the volume of water and increase the leavening added to fluff them up.

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I have a second episode of Campfire Cooking in the works and hopefully many more to follow.




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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Beautiful video! Makes me want to go on another canoe trip and get cooking on the fire! Great idea with freezing the pancake batter. Looks yummy!