Camphor Coffee Table





Introduction: Camphor Coffee Table

Hello my name is Yanira La Puerta from Forma Color y Textura. ( As an Interior Designer and a DIYer I am always creating things for my house. I made this table from a slab of Camphor Tree and I love the way it turns. Hope you like this tutorial.!!!

Step 1:

Go to a place to find your slab

Step 2:

Once you have your wooden slab, sand it and apply one or two coats of a protective product. I used for this one a clear polyurethane

Step 3:

select which legs are you going to use. I used this toilet brush holder. I though it might be look nice. I and I love how it ended up

Step 4:

Legs installed

Step 5:

Final result!! Hope you like it



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    11 Discussions

    Great looking Table, Do you have any pictures how you attached the legs to the slab ?

    Do you have any pictures how you attached the legs to the slab ?

    very nice wooden table. I bet no one guesses what the legs are! You have a great eye to spot interesting alternative ways to use things. I will be looking more outside the box from now on!

    Cool coffee table! The live edge adds lots of character!

    1 reply

    Thanks!! I love the live edges also, that is my fav part of this table. As you said, give caracter

    This is crazy beautiful!! If you don't mind me asking, how much did you pay for the slab??

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