Camping Gear Storage Box

Introduction: Camping Gear Storage Box

I made this wood storage box to keep all my camping gear in.
It is made from 1 sheet of OSB subfooring, one length of 2x2 and a length of dry wall molding

1. I Measured the size box I wanted which was h = 30"  L = 36"  w = 23".

2. Then I cut the panels using a circular saw and a straight edge. pic 2

3.  I then marked all the screw locations on the OSB panels  and drilled holes the same size as the screw diameter. pic 3 & 4

4. First I made the base. I cut one piece of 2x2 for the short side of the base then screwed it in place. Then the same for the opposite end. Lastly I cut 2x2 pieces for the long sides one at a time and screwed them in place.
pic 5   (note: I used truss - lath screws)

5. I now added wheels to the bottom of the base.   pic 6 ( note: it's better to put the wheels on last.)

6. Next step was to put the sides on which screw into the base 2x2's.   pic 7

7. Put the box on its wheels and marked and cut the 4 side support 2x2's. pic 9 & 10

8. Next I Marked the screw locations on one of the side supports and transferred them to all the sides.  Pic 11 & 12 and then screwed the side supports in.  pic 13 & 14

9.  I now sanded all the edges smooth .  pic 15

18. the last step is to put some bumper guards on. I took a length of plastic dry wall molding and cut it to size, one for each side. pic 17 & 18. I stapled these in place and smothed the edges. pic 19 & 20

All Done It works great.

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