Camping Shower for Under $5




Step 1: Step 1: the Need

The need arose from, of all things, trying to get my mobile home set up and ready to move in...not being overly wealthy...or wealthy at all, I needed to make a way for us to stay clean (an idea firmly given to me by my woman) when we were working on the mobile home for a few days at a time. So we started looking for a camping shower to buy, but didn't have the $9+ that Walmart wanted for I got to thinking and realized that I had the materials to make one.

Step 2: List of Materials

Several large washers (found in my toolbox) A tea pitcher with a removable nozzle on the bottom ($1.50) Air hose fitting (found in my toolbox) Fish tank water hose (also in my toolbox) And ducto-cement ($1.00 at the dollar store)

Step 3: Assembly

I just put the air hose fitting together, put the clear washers on either side of the hole to the pitcher, glued it with the ducto-cement, then layered the washers and ducto-cement until there was no more space for anything but the plastic washer, then I glued it all together, attached the hose, and glued that in too. It's gravity fed, so no worries on pressure!



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This posting is beautifully explained about Shower For Camping regards the topic and thanks to u for posting this information and the way it explain clearly is so nice. Hopefully it must be very necessay for people and help them......


    5 years ago on Introduction

    When I was little my dad took a truck inner tube and added 2 hose pieces, one for filling and one for draining. Before we went to the beach or exploring in the woods he filled the tube with water. It always smelled like rubber but we could wash off with water warmed by the sun. I like your idea, I may have to do something similar for my curbmining truck


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Now go get a big hula hoop, paracord, shower curtain and curtain rings and you've got a full blown private outdoor shower.