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This my "prototype" about a camping stove for the outdoor cooking contest.

Material is stainless 316, but it can be made mild steel too.

Idea is that fire warms the air between the sides, that makes air to rise convectively trough the holes to the upper "flue gas chamber".

In the middle of chamber is a block that shares the chamber to two parts, making "cone" shapes for the both sides of the chamber.

That increases the speed of burning flue gas, that speed makes a negative pressure above the holes, and pulls more air to the flame from the holes.

There's also airholes in the "centerblock" for that same purpose.

Basic idea is similar than it is on the two stroke carburetor.

In this case Air= flame Fuel= air.

This was just for testing the idea. Actual products that im goin to make,

are round, and there's double walls all around it.

But i tought that one can get something for this " experiment " too.

Drawing shows the idea, and the video actual making and testing.

Step 1: Bottom and the Chamber

From the bottom you can see where the cold air goes in,

and after warming it rises up, and goes through the holes to feed the flame.

Flue gas burning chamber can be seen from two other pictures.

Step 2: Air Adjustment...

Simple air adjustment, with burning wood its in upper position.

When flame embers its in the lower position and gives heat longer.

Thanks for watching.

Outdoor Cooking Contest 2017

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Outdoor Cooking Contest 2017



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    1 year ago

    Nice design and layout. Is this what they call a "rocket stove"? IDK!

    2 replies

    Reply 9 months ago

    I was going to ask that, is it like a kinde of a rocket stove? I don't understand totally the benefits of the middle piece in the middle, i do understand that is good, but no why... I'm lacking knowledge

    The other Finnish guygm280

    Reply 1 year ago

    This is improved rocket stove. Im building optimized version atm. I'll post it with measures, round one seems to be much effective, but takes little more time to make.


    1 year ago

    Fantastic! Have you gotten to making a round one yet? I would like to make one too can we get plans with dimensions and such?

    1 reply

    Thanks. Its still on my to do list.
    I needed to make press brake first, to be able to make cones for the round version.
    I'll start making it soon. I have some things going on atm that needs to be finished first.