Camping "rocket Stove" Build Ideas DIY Survival

Introduction: Camping "rocket Stove" Build Ideas DIY Survival

In this video I go though the steps putting together a camping wood stove that runs off sticks and twigs and small pieces of wood. Great for not having to bring any fuel. Looks great as well.

Step 1: The Video Is Pretty Detailed.. Rocket Stove Build Ideas! Just Watch It!

What are you waiting for get watching! Enjoy.Build.Repeat.




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    no video yet

    Video is unavailable... :(

    This looks pretty cool. Got any photos of the finished stove? That would be great to see! :)

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    I'm getting to the second video soon! I got a bit sidetracked on some other projects. If you have a YouTube account subscribe for updates! I have a lot of cool build videos coming..