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Do you love your dogs? Do you love camping? Have you found that tying a couple dogs up in small area causes you to leave the camping chair quite often and have to untie their leads? I have, it seemed like I was spending half my time around the fire having to unravel or untie their leads from each other. I also found that you can't always find a place to tie up 4 dogs at camp spots.
My remedy, a single tie point for 2 dogs and less tangling for them.. I hope this comes in handy for you

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Step 1: The Problem

Tangled leads and dogs stuck together.. Really doesn't make them happy..

Step 2: The Parts

A 30 foot cable lead
2 cable clamps
1 opening chain link
1 Swiveling clamp
(Sorry, at the moment my brain isn't working and I cannot for life of me think of the actual names for these items)

Heavy duty wire cutters
Ratchet and socket, or wrench will work

Step 3: Put It All Together

I needed to shorten the cables for this trip so they couldn't both reach the whole 15ft so I cut the cable and removed about 5 feet from the center and reconnected.
Steps are basic
Find the center and bend the cable over at that point
Put the cable clamps over all cables and tighten
I put an opening chain link in case I ever wanted to change the swiveling end connector
and then tighten...

Step 4: Find a Place to Tie Them Off

There are many options on where to tie them
Picknick table
one of the screw in ground dog lead holders...

Step 5: Enjoy

This is the easy step...
a chair
a drink
a camera
a friend or many
a smores roasting stick

And just enjoy your camping trip

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4 years ago

Guys, this really WORKS! We've got two unbelievably playful dogs - a hyperactive Doberman/Lab mix and a little Schnauzer mix. I didn't have a lot of hope that this would actually work for us, seeing as they love to wrestle and roll around with each other 24-7. But we were desperate to have a less stressful camping trip, so we gave it a try and are absolutely floored at how well it worked! Make this. Seriously, your sanity and your dogs will love you for it.


4 years ago on Introduction

Just made one for my dogs, I take them to the beach fishing and they have to be on leads.. this should work like a charm. The only difference I bought coated vinyl cable it was cheaper then the dog chain bought extra hardware for the attachments to the dogs collars.. thnks for the idea


8 years ago on Introduction

Interesting idea, but I prefer going camping places where I can just let the dogs go free, so this ain't too much of a problem.

1 reply

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

So do we. But we rescue dogs so they are new dogs a lot of the time. Can't always just let dogs go.. one sight of a squirrel and we would never see them again. The grey husky in the picture is a sled dog. If he were to be free it would be 2 miles before he looked back and said "where did my master go"... he sees a trail and has his mind set on pulling until he sees the end...
so this keeps dogs in our camp so we can bring them home safely..


8 years ago on Introduction

But.... I don't understand... what is this accomplishing? Why don't the dogs still get tangled up? What's the swiveling thing for?


1 reply

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

If you tie 2 dog lead to the same place they seem to like to play this game and twist them over and over and over again... the dogs eventually are so tangled they can only get about a foot apart. Then we have to walk over and unhook one and take a few minutes to untwist the leads... with the swivel they can play hopscotch all they want with each other and they will twist it some but any pulling on it lets the end untwist the whole lead.. they can still hog tie each other at times but without twisting leads it is so much better...