Camping Without the Kitchen Clean-up




Nobody likes dirty dishes and nobody likes cleaning them. This is super simple. All you need is parchment paper and a knife or scissors. I originally made origami tea cups and origami "plates" (bowls) out of parchment paper, but  realized a much easier way (if cooking for yourself). Hope you enjoy this!

Step 1: Tools Needed

-Parchment paper
-Pan you are cooking with
-Knife, scissors, or careful tearing with fingers

Most people have parchment paper laying around. You can cut it to fit your pan and just fold the corners over, or you can do a parchment paper cake round (like I did). I can post steps if you like, or you could look up videos on you tube. I would recommend cutting out enough for your trip plus a few more, so you aren't lugging around an entire roll (unless you are car camping in which case you probably won't be needing this unless you don't like to do the dishes).

Step 2: Parchment in the Pan and Cook

I put oil on the parchment because I was cooking a scramble and wanted to weigh it down a bit. The great thing is I put too much oil in, so I just picked up the parchment and dumped the excess in a container for later.

Step 3: Lift and Serve

Now the tricky part. Make sure the steam doesn't burn your hands. You can use tongs if you have them but watch the corners so you  don't spill. I put it on my hand, and it was hot, so I placed it on a plate and ate it.

Step 4: Clean Up

Here's the clean up. The pan had nothing on it. The plate had a little oil and condensation. The oil I think came from me scraping and poking the parchment while I was eating it. I make some origami plate bowls which might be good if you don't have hard plates or run out of plates. They can be hot on the bottom so make sure to hold them by the sides and place them on a table or rock.

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great concept. How about instructions for the origami itself (or at least links)? I'm an origami enthusiast so I know how, but others might not.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    SO- thinking this out a little further... why would you need the pan? I mean, why dedicate to the extra weight of a durable, non stick foodsafe surface when the parchment does just need something that spreads heat to the parchment reliably.

    A hot rock?
    a log?

    Hell, I bet you could make that meal in a parchment pouch (not scrambled but pseudo-poached) and cook it next to the fire. All you'd need is tongs to retrieve it.