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Every time we sit down to eat all the local flying creatures seem to see it as an open invitation to join us at the table. We've tried the citronella candles to ward the bugs away but still they come . . .

So next step is to provide something more tempting from which they will not return . . . the Campsite Critter Catcher

This very simple build lures the creepy crawlies with the promise of something sweet, trapping them via a one way entry hole.

Step 1: Ingredients . . .

So to make this bug banishing battleship you will need the following:

  • a plastic soft drink bottle
  • a knife or scissors
  • lovely sweet and sticky things such as jam, fruit juice or even beer

Step 2: Preparation . . .

Take the plastic bottle and cut into two pieces to seperate the top from the bottom in a ratio of approximately 1/3 to 2/3.

With scissors this is fairly easy but with a knife it is a little bit unbalanced so take your time and avoid cutting off anything useful.

Don't laugh like the family did but I managed to increase the air pressure in the bottle by blowing into it whilst tightening the lid with my tongue. This helped to stop the bottle collapsing whilst I did the initial cut.

Remove any cap from the top of the bottle and you are ready for assembly . . .

Step 3: Assembly . . .

Before the assembly place your chosen sticky and sweet things into the bottom of the bottle. I've chosen cherry jam and fruit juice but anything including coke and beer do well.

Upturn to top of the bottle and insert it into the other piece but not so far as for the top to touch the liquid in the bottom.

You have now created a sweet smelling cavity with a large entry hole that the wasps, flies etc find easy to enter but very hard to exit.

Step 4: Installation . . .

All that is left now is to find somewhere close but tucked out of the way to sit the Instrument of Insect Incarceration and enjoy lots of future food free of interuption.



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    3 years ago



    3 years ago

    I did this last summer, only I hang it up by our trash cans that go to the curb every week. I had a lot more liquid in it and by the end of the summer, almost half of the trap was filled thick with flies. You have my vote, because this really works!

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    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    It became quite a daily event over the 2 weeks we were camping . . . which would win; jam and fruit juice or beer? beer by a ratio of approximately 2:1 :-)


    Reply 3 years ago

    U.S. I also only cut off the top part of the bottle and use metal brads to hold the two parts together. I used a mixture of brown sugar, white sugar, water, corn syrup, molasses, and a squirt or two of dishsoap. Can even toss in a small marble sized piece of meat. Raw ground hamburger works great. I will be making another one soon, because cheapo me decided to use duct tape rather than the brads and a fat squirrel popped the two pieces apart. No more lazies for me. Sugar and stuff is costly. LOL!