Can Am Commander Power Steering



Introduction: Can Am Commander Power Steering

To begin the installation of the power steering unit, remove the steering wheel and the lower steering column bracket shock bolt.
Once the wheel and column bolt were removed, pull the steering column up and out of the way for better access to the steering arms during installation.

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Step 1: Remove Stock Steering Arms

Remove the gold colored steering column nuts from the steering column bracket and then remove the bolt on the upper steering shaft.
Remove the lower steering shaft bolt and  pull the lower steering shaft through the firewall.

Step 2: Install the New Lower Shaft Into the Rack and Pinion and Remove Voltage Regulator.

Install the new lower steering shaft into the rack and pinion steering unit. Leave bolts loose for now. Remove the voltage regulator from the steering bracket, it will be bolted to new bracket.

Step 3: Installing Voltage Regulator on New Bracket

The new bracket will install over the stock bracket already bolted to the chassis.  This is the bracket bolted to the stock bracket, with the regulator bolted in place.  You can see the location of the bracket bolts in this view. The second bracket that will bolt onto the first, and this is the one that the regulator bolts to.The photo shows the voltage regulator bolted to the steering system bracket.

Step 4: Install New Power Steering Unit on Bracket

There is a third bracket that will bolt to the the bracket that the voltage regulator is bolted to. This photo is the electronic power steering unit bolted to the lower steering shaft bracket that will hold the power steering unit.

Step 5: Install New Upper Steering Shaft

Once power steering unit is bolted onto the bracket, slide power steering shaft into upper steering shaft. The upper steering shaft should then be bolted to the  lower steering shaft. the next step is installing the steering wheel spline into the upper steering shaft.

Step 6: Install the Electronic Steering Module on the Bracket

Once the power steering unit is bolted in place and the new steering arms are installed, bolt the electronic steering control module to the bracket and hook up the four wiring couplers to the unit.

Step 7: Re-install Steering Shock Column

Re-install the shock mount bolt on the steering column and then re-instll the gold shock mount nuts.

Step 8:

This white plastic cover hides the red wire that needs to be spliced with the white wire in the scotch lock.
To splice into this wire, Peel back the black tape to expose the red wire. The white wire that comes out of the wiring harness should be run through one end of the scotch lock and the red wire should be run through the other end of the scotch lock.
Bolt the positive wire to the positive battery terminal and the negative wire to the negative battery terminal.
The red indicator light that will turn on for one second upon engine startup to indicate proper operation sits just below the steering wheel once the wiring harness is in place.  Your Power steering unit install is complete! For these and hundreds of other high quality Can Am Commander accessories, visit

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