Teach Your Cat to Fly!!!

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There are lots of stories of majestic flying cats soaring through the sky. Now that can come true!!!

Step 1: Kittens

Chose your kitten. Preferably tiny kittens that don't way as much as mine will do. Make sure that it likes flying!! (In other words having all its bones Broken!!)

Step 2: RC Helicopter

Tie string around your cats body. Now tie the other end around the RC helicopter. Grab the remote for it and take off!! Watch as your 10 horse power helicopter flies your cat around!!

Step 3: Fire Works

This is a popular method of flying. Tie your ( helpless) kitten to a firework. Light a match and let it rip!!

Step 4: Kites

This is a easy way to fly. Tie your cat to a kite. (Add tassel for a cool effect) and go out on a windy day. Put the kite in the air and watch the cat fly!!!!

Step 5: End

Thanx for watching I hope you tell other people about how to make your pet fly!!!



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