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An offshoot of my earlier Can Crab design ( )... its actually not so much a crab than a...tin critter with jagged teeth and claws

This one is more difficult to cut than the other can crab, which is why i've posted it as a seperate instructable...the main objective is to use as much of the can as possible, including the top and bottom parts of the can

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Step 1: Materials Required

you'll need a pepsi or any other soda/beer can, a pair of pliers, a scissors and a marker.
have included the template i used, though please feel free to customize your own..
the main objective is to use as much of the can as possible, including the top and bottom parts of the can

Step 2: Cutting

cut the eyes out of the upper part of the can, this will be the top jaw...
the legs and claws need to be on the bottom section, so its heavy and can sit upright later.
be mindful of the continuous connecting strip at the back, coz this is what will connect the two sections together and you don't want to accidentally cut through it.

Step 3: Folding

this is pretty much the same as the old can crab...
1) Fold the eye pods up and punch holes in them

2) fold the inner finger of the claws

3)fold the tips of the legs (pointy feet)

4) fold the connecting flap into a simple accordion fold so that the top jaw now bobs up and down over the rest of the body

5) fold the legs to be like a crabs..or twist them any other way you like..

6) the tab on the top can be folded down, or left standing upo so you can suspend the tin crab from a window or anywhere else

Step 4: Finished

this one looks simple but was difficult to cut, i suggest you try making the older can crab( ) first before trying this one out.

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