Can Crusher From Crap.




Introduction: Can Crusher From Crap.

1st goto your pile of crap. Some folks have bigger piles then others so if you have a crap pile deficiency now's a good time to go visit your friend that's full of crap or at least his shop is full of it.

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Step 1: This Is My Buddies House That's Full of It

Hard to see because I had to go crap hunting at night but that light is what I'm attracted to just like most diybugs.

Step 2: Now That You Have All Ur Crap in a Single Pile

my pile is com-piled of.
1 LINAK Actuator. pulled off a old hospital bed. you can get a bigger one off a old c band dish. and if you really want to go BIG. get a hydraulic ram

Step 3: Mold Your Crap

I made my base out of a old plant stand welded up a can crush box and next the CRUSHER...

Step 4: Electric Electronics Electrons Elec

this is a simple dc motor that runs fast on 24 v but 12 volts will steadily murder cans. the switch would work one way so had to rebuild it. But hey,,,, we are working with crap. Right?

Step 5: Time for a Beer Break.

Man I wish I didn't stop drinking. now would be a good time. Anyway. now's a great time to sit back and study your pile of poo! I get in a hurry and make mistakes when I don't stop and smell the roses. This is a very important step when working with crap. . Sorry for the pun.

Step 6: Lineup Adjust and Weld the Fire Outta It.

Always good to make sure everything is lined up. and all your messurments are correct. it would suc to build a can crusher that a can will not fit in.

Step 7:

Step 8: Time to Step in the Dat Cans a $$

After many nights of spit balling ideas countless hours of planning and seeking out the proper experts to assist in the completion of this wonderful design . After blueprints, computer design mock ups...... oh wait. that was a dream .. ok it's done. it's ugly. well it simple looks like crap. But for a crappy can crusher it's came into its own. the actuator is actually a 24 volt hospital bed Ram that lifts the head at 12 voltage move slow but damn it has the torque. This thing will actually push the top of the can into the bottom of the can and almost threw it and when you come out at the end there's not much left. I still haven't cleaned it up and grind it on it and made it look pretty and wasted another $2 and spray paint That's soon to come. But the crappy can crusher it's crushing the crap out of cans and it is doing it and wonderful fashion. I used a cutting torch to cut the can opening out of the angle which I would have used that angle grinder but everyone was asleep and I didn't want to wake them up the torch was a lot quieter at 3 a.m. so one thing I'll do when I make my next one just make sure didn't design it to where it will crush tall boys or 16 ounce or 16.5 ounce drinks that I overlooked but I quit drinking a long time ago so I don't dwell on tall cans of beer as I used to I'll try to put some pictures up of what it looks like after I sprayed a bunch of crappy colored paint scrapping metal it was put together and crappy fashion. but here it is working and working well when smashing the hell out of them cans

Step 9: Finito

and that ladies and gentleman is the way to crush a can

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