Can Crusher Made From Wood and Metal Scraps

Introduction: Can Crusher Made From Wood and Metal Scraps

Made out of recycled wooden and metal scraps lying around the garage that would've been otherwise tossed out, this invention is made to allow can crushing to be more efficient and promote recycling.

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Step 1: Gather the Materials


Wooden Scraps (minimum 6 inch width and at least 1 ft in length)

Metal Scraps (preferably any hanging/bendable pieces)

Saw (electric)



Measuring tape


Safety goggles


Staple gun

Step 2: Cut Out Wood Pieces

Using the saw (don't forget to use safety goggles!!) cut out the follow pieces of wood:

2- 6x1x12
1- 6x1x8
1- 6x1x4 ½
1- 6x1x5 ½
4- 2x1x8
1- 2x2x8

Step 3: Assemble the Sides

Place a 6x1x12 piece of wood flat, then place 2 of the 2x1x8's about 2 cm from the edge of the bottom piece. Staple these pieces down. Repeat for the other 6x1x12 piece. In between the two 2x1x8's, as a guide, place the 6x1x5 ½ in between the two smaller pieces and the 6x1x4 ½ piece perpendicular

Step 4: Assemble the Middle Part

Staple the 6x1x4 ½ and 6x1x5 ½ piece together to form a T-shape, this will be the part that slides later on.

Step 5: Assemble the Pieces

In order to assemble, place the middle T part between the two sides. Place the bottom piece, 6x1x8, between the two longer pieces, then staple them together. An A-shaped box should be formed.

Step 6: Assemble the Back, and the Metal Piece for the Handle

To finish off the main part, staple the remaining wood pieces to the back, however leave about 5 inches of space left on the back uncovered. To make the metal component of the handle I conveniently found a metal scrap that was able to swing but alternatively you can create a similar one by using a corner piece. Cut it into pieces then connect the joints with bolts.

Step 7: Assembling the Handle and Connecting It to the Main Part

The wooden part of the handle is made up of the remaining 2x2x8 piece of wood, simply attach it to the bending metal part of the handle by drilling holes to attach it with bolts. Connect the wooden handle to the T shape sliding part by straightening out another corner metal piece as seen in the previous step or just taking a long straight metal piece. Attach this piece once again by drilling a hole and placing a bolt through it.

Step 8: Finished Product and Its Fuctionality

The finished machine should look like this. Pull the lever down and you can crush soda cans. Hopefully this helps make crushing cans an easier and faster process and also encourages people to recycle cans more often by providing a unique way to crush cans.

Step 9: Video

This is a quick video to summarize the building process.

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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    looks nice project, but the video is not working


    2 years ago

    Hey just for info. If you want to be a top recycler, remove the tabs on top of the cans. The aluminium in these are different than the cans them selves and can be recycled for prosthetic limbs.


    2 years ago

    Very cool. Looks like a good build! :)