Can I Change the IP of My Router?

Introduction: Can I Change the IP of My Router?

Access the settings of the router through

IP address is the short form of the internet protocol which is used in the computer and the router for identifying purposes. In fact, this IP address is comprised of the numbers that are separated by the dots to identify the computer on the network. However, this IP address is highly used in the network. This IP address is available in two different forms and they are like the private IP address and the public IP address. Among these types, the private IP address is mostly used on the network. The private IP address can be in the range like to As the way, the is one of the IP addresses that comes in the above mentioned range and let’s see the features and functions of this IP address in the most effective manner.

Routers that have used the

Actually, the is one of the IP addresses that come under the category of the private range. In fact, this IP address is highly used as the default IP address for some home broadband routers and some other modems. In that manner, some of the modems and routers that are using the IP address as their default gateway are listed as below.

3Com office connect routers Billion ADSL routers Netopia or Cayman gateways Linksys managed switches Westell modems

These are the brands of the manufacturers who are using this IP address as their default IP address or the gateway. In fact, these IP addresses have been set as their default IP address when it is manufactured. So, it will be provided to you at the time when you buy these products like the routers, switches and modems. Later, you can change it for your purpose. However, it can only be changed by the instructions from the vendor management software.

In this manner, you can change the routers information and the IP address in the simply effective way.

Logging on the router

As well as, it can also be done by logging on to your router setup. For this purpose, you need to know the IP address and some other authentication information like the username and password of your account.

In fact, you need to open the web browser from your computer that has already installed. Then, you have to type your IP address as on the address bar of the web browser. If the router IP address is correct, it will show you the login screen. Otherwise, it can show the error message and so you need to find the right IP address by referring the manual that is provided for the router at the time you have purchased.

After that, it asks the username and password of your network and so you need to provide it to go for the next step. As well as, each router you have connected to the network has a different username and password and so you need to get the right one that is appropriate to your router. After you have provided, it will redirect you to change the settings of the router.

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