Can Ikea Make This Room Better?



Well this bedroom has a few things going on. 

1.  My daughter has gone off to college.
2.  I'm trying to remodel our kitchen.
3.  Her former bedroom has become a dumping ground for anything and everything.

I would like to acquire a new bed [perhaps a HEMNES],  a dresser [the 6 drawer chest should provide a nice amount of storage], a new ceiling light [perhaps the KULLA pendant lamp].  Then I would pull up the 1970's carpet and put down a ANDRUP flatwoven rug.  The shelving unit would be hidden behind a couple of ANNO STRÅ curtain panels hanging from a DÄMPA curtain rod set.  A new coat of paint would finish off the room.


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    3 years ago

    Ikea has a variety of storage solutions to help you organize all of that clutter. They also have shelves and racks for you to further maximize storage since you seem to have a lot going on there. As for the furniture, there are some cost-efficient yet beautiful pieces if you choose wisely.