Can Kittens Catch Birds?

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When my cat was a baby he had a eye for outside.He liked to watch the birds but has he ever caught one?

Step 1: Watching

I have caught him watching birds on the lawn from the deck. Birds were twice as big as him so I never thought he would catch one

Step 2: Experince

I had once found my kitten sitting by the door holding a weta. It was a alive but he bought it inside and battered it until it died. The headstone is still in my garden.

Step 3: The Monument of Truth

It was a nice day and my cat was outside like normal. Soon enough I noticed birds fly off our lawn. Suddenly I saw it. My kitten was holding a dead blackbird. It was twice as big as him!!! The image still haunts me

Step 4: End

So no we know cats are amazing hunters and will go for prey a lot bigger than themselves. Since cats hunting is mainly based on silence, a bell collar would be could for a feisty cat. Thanks for reading and comment soon!(the photos aren't of my cat)



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    5 years ago

    Hi I hope this guide helps you with your cat