Can You Fire Breathe With Mineral Oil..?

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 Hey, Guys (And Gals) TrollFaceTheMan here with another Popularly Requested video...

   Now most of you might know awhile back that I had done a video on "Safe Fire Breathing With Vegetable Oil... (Link Here:

  But I have received several questions on whether you can use Mineral Oil instead of Vegetable Oil... While I'm here to figure that out, I will test the Mineral oil in 2 ways... Once normally, and once heated and see how they do...

  One thing to keep in mind though. I am doing this on a windy day... Fire Breathing should never be done on a windy day... For One, the wind carry's your Flames making it Impossible to get a nice Fire-Ball, and Two, A sudden Sift in Wind Can Mean Some Serious problems...

  I am doing this because I promised a Fan that I would try my best to get this out by the End of Tonight and that is precisely what I have done...

  Anyways, thanks for watching and hope you enjoy!



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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    No... One, I am only 18 and thereby under legal drinking age, and because I live right in town I would rather avoid any incident with the police...

    Two, you have mucus membranes in your mouth which can Absorbed alcohol... You could literally get drunk just by having Strong Alcohol in your mouth... And it might be obvious but, being Intoxication and fire breathing are two things that should not be paired...

    And Three, the alcohol carries a high risk of danger form Flashback or Blowback, and generally setting yourself on fire... Don't get me wrong people use alcohol for fire breathing (typically a mix of oil and alcohol...) But it is extremely dangerous, and not something I would want for people to try to mimic...

    So no... XD


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Well, I had to ask :) ok then, if you say so, and, I agree with you, security is on the first place.