Can You Read Large or Small Print Faster?

Introduction: Can You Read Large or Small Print Faster?

This experiment is to determine whether you can read large or small print faster.

Will large print win because it is easier on your eyes?

Will small print win because there are more words in a line?

Let's see!

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Step 1: Materials

1. Timer

2. Three test subjects

3. A large and small print version of the same book

4. Paper and pen

5. Microsoft Word (to make a graph)

Step 2: Read

Three test subjects were timed reading from a large and small print version of a book.
Three different types of data were collected from this test.

The results are below.

Step 3: Experiment #1

For experiment # 1 a test subject read 1 chapter in small print then the same chapter again in large print.

For better results the test was done again; this time using one page.

This experiment did not work because the second time you read something, no matter if it is small or large print, will be faster because you are familiar with the text.

Step 4: Experiment #2

In experiment #2 three test subjects all were timed reading a small print page then a different large print page.

The result from this experiment is that it takes longer to read a small print page because it has more words on it.

Step 5: Experiment #3

In experiment #3 the three test subjects saw how many large and small print words they could read in 30 seconds.

I graphed the results below.

Step 6: Graph

Adding up all the small and all the large print words read in experiment #3, I made this graph.

There was 1621 large print words read and 1764 small print words. Which means 143 more small print words were read.

Step 7: Conclusion

Mainly using experiment #3 I concluded you can read small print faster.

This could be very helpful.

If you wish to read a book faster get the small print version.

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Are you measuring the difference between rates of comprehension?

    moon flower
    moon flower

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    No, I am not measuring the difference between rates of comprehension.

    It was a test to see if print size affects reading speed.

    Sorry for any confusion.