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well I initially tried to make a tall can jet stove out of a soup and Pepsi can but I couldn't keep the flame going so I cut some holes a little too low ( approx. inch and a half) below top. and well what I ended up with was more of a lantern or torch depending on your preference. Note bottom is just barely warm too the touch after 10 min. of burning.

Step 1: Take Can That Is Roughly Same Size As Soda Can and Clear Any and All Obstructions in Can. Next Take a Soda Can and Cut in Two.

Step 2: Cram a Rag Into the Soda Can. Pour Fuel in to Unmolested Can Then Put Soda Slowly in Side of the Base Bottom Can. the Reason Being Is Too Avoid Spillage. and to Allow the Rag to Soak Up the Fuel.

Step 3: Punch 4 to Six Holes in Top of Lantern. or Bottom of Soda Can. Then Repeat the Same Thing Around the Edge of the Soda Can.

Step 4: Light Her Up and Stand Back and Enjoy Your Creation and As I Found Out With 200 Mph Leaf Blower, It Is Also Extremely Wind Proof. and You Can Throw It Around and Kick It Around With Out Much Damage and It Still Won't Go Out.



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    4 years ago

    Yes well... the clue here is in the description. "I kicked it about and it still didn't go out".

    Dude / DudetteĀ®. This is dangerous.

    It may not fall over in the wind but it will burn for a long time. Are you going to sit and watch it all night?

    No. So forget this idea. Bad idea. Build a solar powered torch. Read a book. Find a hobby. Join the local volunteer fire reserves.


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    Reply 4 years ago

    It's fire so common sense says to watch it and make sure it finishes burning I added that in as just something that I noticed.


    Reply 4 years ago

    besides if you don't like it get over it you didn't build it I did. And as I said it was an accidental creation while trying to make something else.