Can You Spot the Difference?!

Introduction: Can You Spot the Difference?!

I made this amazing Wall decal to transform the look and feel of my dull blank wall. Wall stickers like these are made from a substance known as "vinyl".  Vinyl is a great material and available in 2 different finishes - Matt or Gloss. I've used a Matt finish here because I wanted to achieve a more "painted on" finish. When applied properly, wall stickers can resemble very high end pieces of wall art.

Here's how I made the decal :

1.) First I decided what image I wanted to use for this particular wall space. I decided to use this leopard because the image stands out and is very captivating. I then measured both the width and height of my wall. 

2.) Next I measured and cut the vinyl, making sure that I left approximately 10cm more than the size that I had measured.

3.) Next, I imported the leopard image into a piece of cutting software, known as Cutting Master. 

4.)  Then I used my Graphtec CE6000 to cut the image. 

5.) Once my image had been cut, I carefully weeded the image and applied the transfer tape.

6.)  Then I carefully peeled away the backing paper,and aligned the leopard onto my wall. Once the decal was firmly in position, I slowly peeled away the transfer tape to reveal the leopard.  This took me approximately 5 minutes, and was so easy to do. These decals can also be easily removable if you decide to change your image. 

If you want to create something similar, sells the same image in varies sizes and colours. I've chosen Black here as I wanted to capture the black against the white background. 

What do you all think?!

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    4 years ago

    This is amazing.I would love to be able to do this but not too many
    people have that equipment just sitting around lol. Do you know if there
    is a place where one can have it done? What were the measurements of
    the leopard. This is my fave animal as well. I have a large brass
    sculpture of manatees in a wall inset that I have by the front door. I
    have been looking online for some realistic looking transfers of sea
    grass, coral and a few other sea creatures but have had no luck in
    finding them. I want to place them behind the Manatees to make it look
    more three dimensional.. Do you know of any sites online who may have
    such a thing. Thanks for sharing what you did. I had no idea that this
    could be done. GREAT JOB!