Canadian Gadget Stand - Puck Stand




the most Canadian, most functional, and least expensive accessory I could make. the Puck Stand.
In Canada, we use pucks for several purposes. they're cheap, strong, and available. I've had pucks laying around since i was a kid, thought it was time to combine my love of hockey and gadgets.

Step 1: Making the Stand

well, this stand really couldn't be easier. Take a hockey puck, cut a 45 degree angle with a hack saw to a desired depth for your gadget, then make another cut at a 90 degree angle (or close to it, nothing about this is exact or pretty for that matter).

Step 2: The Final Product

The puck stand fits everything i use, works in landscape and portrait mode, packs easily, will never break, rotates super well (kids fighting over seeing the iPad, the swivel is appreciated), it doesn't mark your electronics, and it is very sturdy and stable.
i have used this for three years now, that's why i don't have any photos of me making it, i thought I'd build another and do it then, but i haven't had the need to build another. It's practically bomb proof and will serve for years to come!

(i also used this atop a speaker stand with the speaker removed as a couch or bedside stand. Works great either way)



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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I dig it! awesome idea! :)


    3 years ago

    Awesome! Made my own phone stand from a hockey puck a while back. Works (and looks) super cool.


    3 years ago

    Perfect idea for an old hockey puck. Love it!