Cancer Awareness Ribbon & Heart Scroll Saw Pattern

This is a simple ribbon and heart design pattern that we used to create an "in memory of" piece in memory of my mother who lost her battle with breast and bone cancer back in 2011. It is a really easy piece to cut out on the scroll saw, but does require some form of carving if you want to give it some depth.

The video shows the process of applying the pattern, a sped up version of the cutting process and the assembly of all of the components. The pattern for this design is original and is available on our website as a free download.

Get the free (jpg version) of the Cancer Awareness pattern here.

Get the scalable (svg version) of Cancer Awarness pattern here.

If you end up making one we would love to see it.

Enjoy and happy scrolling.

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Step 1: The Process

If you have any questions about this pattern or project, just let us know. We would be happy to help.

Thanks for checking out this Instructable.

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