Candies Have Two Kinds of Joy!




Introduction: Candies Have Two Kinds of Joy!

Most people love candies. It’s so sweet and delicious!
When you eat a candy, you first take out the candy from the candy wrapper, put the candy in your mouth, and then put the wrapper in the trash.
Wait! That’s a waste! Why do you throw away such adorable candy wrappers? You should reuse them.
In this article, you can learn how to make a cool lampshade using the wrappers. All you have to do is keep the candy wrappers after you enjoy the candies and prepare some stuffs you won’t use anymore. After you read this instructable, do it by yourself and make your room more elegant!

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Step 1: Buy

Before you start making, buy some materials you need.

  • some kinds of candies
  • a bulb
  • a CD
  • a wire(1m)
  • a bond
  • tapes or stickers for decoration
  • a branch
  • a toothpick

Step 2: Eat

You need candy wrappers, so eat candies in them. Be careful not to throw away the wrappers!

Step 3: Twisting the Candy Wrappers

After eating the delicious candies, twist the candy wrappers and make cute ribbons. All you have to do is twist. It's very easy but don't make shoddy ribbons. Be careful that the ribbons are symmetrical, or you will have trouble in step4.

Step 4: Join the Ribbons

Connect the ribbons with the bond. The wrappers are very slippery, so it's a little difficult to paste them together. Don't be impatient and wait patiently until the bond gets hard.

Use six ribbons for each line and make six ribbon chains. Here, show your aesthetic sense!

Step 5: Decorating CD

Decorating CD with tapes and lovely stickers. We wanted to make colorful lamp so we used colorful decoraring items. To make better one, you should put tapes and stickers all over the CD.

Step 6: Attachment

Attach the lamp to the CD using toothpick.

Step 7: Combining Candy Chains With CD

First, thread the wire to the candy chain like the picture. All of the candy chains do like this. Then, attach the candy chains to the CD. To fix the candy chains, you had better use some tapes. Please fasten wire and CD by tapes.

Step 8: Find a Branch

Find an appropriate branch to hung.
Short and thick branch is good.

Step 9: Assemble

Attach the branch with the CD bfixing with wires which are put on candy chains. Let 6 wires in the hole of the CD , twist them and put them around the branch. Then attach the wires to the CD with tapes.

Step 10: Light Up

Switch on and lignt a lamp.

If you set this handmade lamp in your room, you can always spend werry time there.

Please try and make it for yourself!

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    That looks like a great crafts project to do with kids. I need to start saving my candy wrappers.