This is how the candle will look once it is finished.

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Step 1: Materials

These are the materials we used to make a candle. this was the cheapest and fastest you can make a candle.

Step 2:

First you put the crisco in a container. Make sure it is a glass container.

Step 3:

Next step would be to melt the crisco little by little in a microwave.

Step 4:

Then you pick any color to make the candle some kind of color so you use crayons. You mix it till the crayon is all gone.

Step 5:

Then you put the wick in the candle before it gets hard.

Step 6:

Last you just let it dry so you can use it when it is hard and ready to use as a candle.

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    2 years ago

    What purpose does the can serve. I think it is interesting to use Crisco in a candle. I wonder if it burns up faster or slower than a wax candle. Maybe a science experiment.