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This is little different project, i was challenged to make "art" from the old computer parts using dremel tools.

Some of components we're still in working condition, like the web-cam used in this project.

That's why i decided to base my build around it.

Im not an artist, so instead of beauty. I focused to show some different possibilities how to get "machined like" parts without cnc or lathe. Video shows the whole process.

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Step 1: Candle..

Candle is made from a steel pipe.. Its decorated with hot glue and paint.

Step 2: Flame..

Inside the flame is mocrosoft hd web-cam, it was old but still working.

I removed the old casing and started to build new one from acryl.

Used dremel moto-saw for cutting.

Shaped the acryl to follow the web-cams PCB shapes, used dremel router table attachment for that.

Finally shaped the outer shapes using dremel 4000 with flex shaft. Found sanding drums, and tungsten carbide cutters good for that. I wanted to connect parts with screws, instead of glue

Step 3: Stand..

Made the ”candle holder” from acryl and old motherboard, i removed the components with heatgun, then i cut it with moto-saw. Used dremel circle cutting attachment for ”turning” the candle holder stand.

Simple desing for behind the flame, mix of triangle, flames, tribals... that was a weird idea, but sometimes you need to do weird things too. :)

Step 4: Finishing..

I finished my build by making a wreath from the old electric wire and components that i was removed from the motherboard.

Live led light looks nice, inside the stand is a timer what turns light on automaticly at the evening.

Thanks for checking it out!

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