Candle Lamp DIY!




This is a tutorial on how to make a Candle Lamp out of recycled toilet paper roll or shuttlecock box.


Step 1: Things Used :

1. Cutter
2. Fevicol
3. Paint (red)
4. Shimmer (multicolor)
& obviously a roll box maybe toilet paper roll cardboard or shuttle cock box.
That's it :)

Step 2: Cut the Box.

Step 3: Make Hearts on the Roll & Cut Them With the Help of Cutter.

You have to cut the hearts properly don't worry if some part of cardboard left in the heart it can be shaped after cutting.

Step 4: Lets Color It :)

Now mix little water, little amount of red paint & fevicol (glue) . Mix this well.

Step 5: Apply It

paint the roll by this mixture .

Step 6: Sparkle It :)

Now put dry shimmer over the wet paint we just did on the roll apply it in excess & then remove the extra shimmer.
Tip : Apply it as fast as possible to the wet roll.

Step 7: Its Done :)

Remove excess shimmer. Leave it for drying.

Step 8: Ready to Light Up Your Candle Lamp.

Light the lamp for your valentine to make him feel your love by the sparkling hearts. ♥ (;

I've added images of another star shape candle lamp, you can make holes of any shapes you like.



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