Candle Secret Compartment




Intro: Candle Secret Compartment

You will need: 
*A cheap Candle
* A knife 
*A spoon
* A round button

Step 1:

Find a cheap candle around your house. 

Step 2: The Candle

On the bottom of the candle you will need to find the center. Then start to dig a hole. 

Step 3:

Once you have the hole as deep as you wish smooth out the wax with the spoon so that it is the same diameter  all the way around. 

Step 4:

Next is the piece that holds all the items in place. Take the button or anything that will stop the items from falling. Make sure it fits snuggly, but can still be removed. 

Step 5:

Remove the fitted button and place items inside, then put the button back and place the candle anywhere. 



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