Candle Stand of Quills

Introduction: Candle Stand of Quills

On festivals when we burn candles we think of putting our candles in nice and beautiful stands like this one I have made. This is a candle stand made of quills, and if you are thinking that because it is of quills it will break easily, but it will not. Its a very magnificent way to keep our candles in.

How to make it:

Material Required:

1 Quilling Tool

2) Quilling Strips

3) Glue

Step 1:

Make at least 60-70 quills out of quilling strips with the help of quilling tool.

Step 2:

Make the structure of the candle stand like I have made with quills.



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    3 Discussions

    Pretty cool! Did you use some kind of existing form to help make this, or just glue the quills together, free-handed?