Candle on the Cushion




This is a candle holder which looks like a candle is placed on a cushion.The details will astonish you as the crease is very well shown . It looks exactly like a object placed on some stuffed piece ,but this is hard cushion made of white cement.


1. White cement

2. Zipper Bags

3. Golden Spray

4. Small sized candles

5. Paper Weight

Step 2: Preparing Mixture

  • Add some white cement in a bowl.
  • Start by adding one part water to it.

  • Slowly add extra water while mixing

  • Mix it properly in a thick mixture.

Step 3: Giving Shape

  • Pour the mixture in zipper bag.
  • Fill it a little more than half.
  • Close the zipper bag and place it down.
  • Put a small candle or its case in the middle.
  • Put a paper weight or any other heavy weight on it to make the texture better.
  • Try to avoid bubbles in the mixture and the zipper bag.
  • Put it aside in safe place to dry overnight.

Step 4: Final

  • In the morning, cut the zipper bag from top and sides and you will get your cushion shaped candle holder.
  • Colour it from golden spray and it is ready to astonish you and others.
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