Candle on the Cushion




This is a candle holder which looks like a candle is placed on a cushion.The details will astonish you as the crease is very well shown . It looks exactly like a object placed on some stuffed piece ,but this is hard cushion made of white cement.

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1. White cement

2. Zipper Bags

3. Golden Spray

4. Small sized candles

5. Paper Weight

Step 2: Preparing Mixture

  • Add some white cement in a bowl.
  • Start by adding one part water to it.

  • Slowly add extra water while mixing

  • Mix it properly in a thick mixture.

Step 3: Giving Shape

  • Pour the mixture in zipper bag.
  • Fill it a little more than half.
  • Close the zipper bag and place it down.
  • Put a small candle or its case in the middle.
  • Put a paper weight or any other heavy weight on it to make the texture better.
  • Try to avoid bubbles in the mixture and the zipper bag.
  • Put it aside in safe place to dry overnight.

Step 4: Final

  • In the morning, cut the zipper bag from top and sides and you will get your cushion shaped candle holder.
  • Colour it from golden spray and it is ready to astonish you and others.
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    2 months ago on Introduction

    At first, I thought those candles were really sitting on literal cushions. Thankfully, they are just made of a similar design. It would have otherwise been so dangerous to place candles near fabric like that.