Candle Powered Mini-food Dehydrator

this is a small portable food dehydrator that runs on candles

Step 1: Supplies

you will need

1. clay pot

2. a small pot holder

3. some wire

4.a hammer

5. something with a point

6.some candles

7.two metal bowls

Step 2: How to Make the Drying Rack

put a hole in the bottom of the bowl the size of the drain hole in the pot this will be where the heat from the candles will enter into the dryer

for the wire rack use a hammer and metal tool with a point to make holes around the rim of bowl every 3 inch of so and put the wire through each hole feeding the wire to the hole across from it and continue doing so until you run out of holes and tie the wire at the ends now you have the body of the dryer


Step 3: Assemble

place some candles about 4 on the planter rack then place the pot on the rack and put the metal bowl and with the rack and hole on top of the pot making sure the two holes are matching so the heat goes in

Step 4: Done

now you can add your food to dry on the rack the drier runs at about 100 degrees f. and it should last 3 to 4 hours on a set of candles

thanks for looking at my instructable hope this is useful for you



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    11 Discussions

    nic nak

    4 years ago

    As SeanW88 says, you definitely need four candles, but definitely not handles for forks.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Cool idea, but it needs a vent in the cover to allow the moisture a way to escape. Other than that I like it.

    3 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    well it could be used as a oven but you would need a buffet burner or something hotter than the candles with the candles it only gets to 100 degrees f or a little hotter


    4 years ago

    If you like this please vote I would really like to win the kayak for the outdoors contest I love kayaking but don't have space for a kayak


    4 years ago

    You don't want it get to hot or the food just burns it works best at around 100 to 200 degrees f


    4 years ago

    Try with 4 candles...maybe go down to your local hardware store and ask for 4 candles :-P

    1 reply