Candles - From Household Items!

Introduction: Candles - From Household Items!

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Custom Candles

Step 1: Pick an object in your house, that you would like to make a candle out of. 

Step 2: We used ComposiMold - LT as a mold making material, because it is safe for use on toys, and is completely reusable. 

Step3: Spray a mold release on the object (Pam works great)

Step 4: Attach your item to the bottom of a cup, or small container, that is slightly larger than your toy/item. (The only part that should be touching, is the bottom of the item. Which is where the bottom of the candle wick should be..)

Step 4: Heat ComposiMold in the microwave until it has become a liquid and pour over the object.

Step 6: After the mold has solidified, you are ready to remove the object. Do so by removing the mold making material from the cup or container. If necessary, cut the edges of the mold and gently remove the object. (remember, it must still be able to hold the wax after the object is removed).

Step 7: Cool the ComposiMold mold by sticking it in the freezer for at least an hour.

Step 8: Pour the wax into the cavity and insert the wick. Place the mold with the wax into the freezer to cool it faster. Let cool and remove the object from the mold.

Step 9: Make More candles, or reheat the ComposiMold to melt and make more home made creations!

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