Candy Bar Pie (for Pi Day)

Introduction: Candy Bar Pie (for Pi Day)

My math teacher told us that for pi day (3-14-14) we could make a pie and bring it in for extra credit. Bear with me because I forgot to take pictures while I was making it.
Also it only cost me 6$ to make so if money is tight this is a great desert!

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Step 1: Materials

- graham cracker pie crust
- two packages of candy bars w/ at least 6 candy bars in them ( I used twix and Milky Way)
-pudding (I used chocolate)
-whip cream

-vegetable chopper (I knife works too)
-whisk (to make the pudding)
-rubber spatula
-a bowl or two

Step 2: Prep

-make your pudding according to, your recipe or the box

- chop up the candy bars (don't mix them together) and put them in separate bowls

- thaw out your whip cream

Step 3: Layers

Layer 1- lay one of your candy bar choice down evenly on the pie crust, don't worry if the layer is a bit thin

Layer 2- lay the pudding evenly on top of layer 1

Layer 3- lay your second candy bar pieces on top

Layer 4- spread the whip cream evenly on th top of the pie

Step 4: Finishing Touches

- use your m&ms to make a pi sign on the top then use the rest of you m&ms to make a circle around the edge, use eight of each color.

- get 5000+ extra credit points from your math teacher, ^^^^ LEVEL UP^^^^

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