Candy Box Guitar



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Today we are going to make a guitar with rubber bands and an empty candy box.  You need a minimum of one rubber band or a maximum of three rubber bands.


1 or 3 rubber bands
1 empty candy box

Optional items:
tuner (for guitar or violin)
clip on microphone (one that works with the tuner)

The tuner is only a suggestion so you can practice and check what notes you reach. 

Can you really play a candy box like a guitar? Yes.  You don't need to build a neck since  you use the box face as a fret/fingerboard. 

How do I use it? Before you wrap the rubber bands around the box you need to create a sunken area on the front side of the box in order to create a gap between the rubber band and the box surface.  Push on the box to create a sunken area that runs along all inside edges.  If you slide your finger along the rubber band  pluck from the deeper end of the box.  Straighten the rubber band for a cleaner sound because it sounds like a rubber band when it is twisted.

Step 1: Squeeze Box Technique

How do you get that cacophonous chord at the beginning of the music?  That doesn't sound like your typical  guitar sound.
No, it is not your typical guitar technique.  Place your thumb over one of the rubber bands and squeeze a corner of the box.  This way you contort the box and form a chord at the same time. When you release the box it returns to its original shape and makes the strings vibrate.

Step 2: Pizzicato Technique

How do you get that pizzicato sound? Flip the box on it's side.  Press the box against your abdomen so both hands are free to pluck. Use the middle finger to create a bridge and stretch it about 3/4" away from the box.  Position index finger above the middle finger.  Position ring finger below the middle finger.  Take turns with the index and ring finger to pluck a note.

Step 3: Open String and Percussion Method

Simply lay down the box and pluck an open string will result in a pleasant bass tone.

How do you use it as a drum? Make two candy box guitars.  Spank them together as if they are chalk board erasers from school.  The neat thing about this technique is that the rubber bands rub each other to create random notes.

Isn't that a lot of candy?  Well, maybe you share the same taste in candy with a friend?



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