Candy Box RC Helicopter

I will show you how to make a simple RC candy box helicopter out of old RC helicopter components.

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-RC Helicopter Remote Control -RC Helicopter Charger -RC Helicopter Main Components (motherboard+ propellers) -Empty Candy Boxes -Scissors -Ruler {optional} -Adhesive (glue,tape, silicone, etc.) {optional} -Pen/ Pencil

Step 2: Measure/ Cut Proper Holes

-Measure the lengths of the box (width and height) -Get the measurements of the main components (motherboard and propeller housing units) -Transfer the measurements onto the box using a pen/pencil -Cut out the areas you marked with the scissors Make sure the components fit into the holes properly (adjust if needed)

Step 3: Assemble

-Put the components into the proper spaces -Use tape as needed -Angle the propellers in a little so that the helicopter candy box is more stable

Step 4: Enjoy!!

-Charge the helicopter battery on the charger -When the battery is fully charged turn on the power and have fun!!!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This Rc Helicopter looks pretty cool, I had seen these little Rc heli in the market for the last few days, but i have never tried these, can you share its flying video, i really look forward to see that ....


    6 years ago

    Ya ill add it ASAP