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Last year I had a TON of sweetart candy leftover, so I thought I would try using them to make candy bracelets and give them to the kids for Christmas.

Step 1: Grab a Bunch of Sweetart Candies

The first step is to gather your Sweetarts and unwrap them into a bowl.  I used regular size and larger ones.
Here's what else you'll need:
Drill with small bit
Elastic thread or elastic from party hats
Paper clip

Step 2: Get Out Your Drill

Now's the fun part!
Get out your drill and the smallest drill bit you have.  Wash the bit in hot soapy water and dry.
To prevent drilling holes in my table, I laid the sweetarts on top of a hard, dry sponge while drilling the holes.  You can also use a piece of Styrofoam or wood.

Now SLOWLY drill a hole in the center of each Sweetart.  Once the bit has gone through, reverse the bit so it comes out easily.

You will break some, so don't get discouraged...keep drilling!

Step 3: String Sweetarts

Once all the Sweetarts have holes in them, it's time to string them onto elastic.
I didn't have any elastic thread so I removed the elastic from some party hats and cut them in half.
NOTE:  Wrap tape around the elastic before cutting to keep it from raveling.  The tape also makes it easier to insert into the holes.
Place a paper clip to one end of the elastic and start threading on your Sweetarts however you want and then tie the ends together, several times.

There you are...handmade candy bracelets!



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    That's so great. I have not thought of candy on a string in a long time. Back in the 60s, living in LA area, we sometimes caught the train to go to Long Beach and I remember getting candy-necklaces. Wow, what a great idea for the sweettarts.

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