Candy Cane Candle Holder





Introduction: Candy Cane Candle Holder

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Easy, Cheap, festive candy cane holder

Items needed:
1 candle
4 candy cane
hot glue
Gift bows, Craft flowers, etc....

Step 1:

Add hot glue to one of the candy canes quickly add it to the candle. Press and hold! Make sure the candy canes are upside down!

Repeat with the rest of the candy canes.

Step 2: All Finished

Your candle should be able to stand alone with the four candy canes attached to it! Next just add a Bow or a flower and then you done!

Step 3: Final Thought

Hope you like it. You can give it as a gift to Friends and family. Or for that special crafty person! Good luck!



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    Yeah! It would look nice on the dinner table for Christmas! Thanks for the comment ;D