Candy Corn Kisses





Introduction: Candy Corn Kisses

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These kisses are aniseed flavored, but of course you can flavor them with anything you prefer! :)

Step 1: Ingredients and Method

125 ml egg whites

250 g sugar

flavoring of your choice, I use aniseed oil

gel food coloring of yellow and orange

Beat egg whites until frothy on medium speed, add in sugar a little at time and once all dissolved, turn up the speed to high. Beat until firm peak

Add in a couple drops of oil and mix

Divide meringue into three portion, one stays white while the other two are mixed with the food colorings - separately

Spoon each into three different piping bags, snip the corners, and pipe as candy corn color of yellow first, then orange, then white

Bake at 215 F for 50 minutes




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    AWWW! They look so cute!

    sonds discusting

    cant help but wonder if the three of you are all the same person! hahaha @zecco100, @nudim