Candy Dish Origami Box




Introduction: Candy Dish Origami Box

Ok so those are LEGO pieces and not candy in the picture but let me explain. This is the first origami box I learned to make when I was about 8 years old and the book I learned it from called it a candy dish. So even when I fill such boxes with non-candy items, this will always be know as a candy dish to me. I hope you enjoy folding it and maybe you can be more true to the name than I was :) 

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Step 1:

Whatcha need:
-one slice of square paper

Step 2:

Fold the paper in half the triangle way and then fold it in half again the other way to make a right triangle. 

Now open and smash one of the corners. Repeat on the back. This is probably called a base (crane?) but it doesn't matter much, just make it look like the pictures. 

Step 3:

Fold the top layer down to meet the bottom point. Flip the model over and repeat on the other side.

Re-arrange the model by turning the layers like pages in a book, then fold the right and left sides in to meet at the middle crease. Flip the model over and repeat on the other side.

Re-arrange the model again to look like the last picture in this step. 

Step 4:

Bring the bottom part up as far as it will go and crease. 

Fold the tip of the last part folded down to meet the bottom crease of that section. 

Fold the flappy thing inside the pocket. 

Flip the model over and repeat all these things. 

Step 5:

We're almost done! 

Fold the top tip down to meet at the bottom point then bring the tip back up to meet at the line where the colored and white paper meet.

Tuck this section into the pocket.

Flip the model over and repeat the folds.

Open the box up and crease to shape it. Now fill it will awesome things! 

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4 years ago

this is not good the photos do not show it well enough to see what is going on