Candy Gift With a "Sweet" Pun! :D




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Christmas is just around the corner & I know someone who loves Gummy Bears! So Here I am with A VERY EASY Instructable!

Step 1: The Materials

You will need:
- Scissors
- Glue
- Colored or Plain Paper (doesn't matter)
- Pack of Gummy Bears (any size is good but the bigger the better)

Step 2: Making the Gift

Cut out a rectangular shape from the paper to write the pun on the front and then a greeting/sentimental letter on the back to the special person getting this gift!
After you cut out the rectangular shape you can cut out another shape to glue to the front of the first part of the "card". **Optional**
Then grab something to write with and write "Life without you would be un"bear"able!
Next tape it to the front of the pack of Gummy Bears!

YOU ARE NOW DONE!!!! Hope whoever you give the gift to loves it and laughs too!

***P.S. I am giving this to my Dad***



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