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So for Valentines day I decided to do this look. I'm posting it a tad late. =( I just got so busy! Sorry guys! <3 I hope you still like it. Please let me know what you think. Subscribe to my youtube page to help me out!


Step 1: Base

I took a white body paint from Mehron and used that as the base on my face.

Step 2: Pink

I took a hot pink eye shadow from my Urbad Decay Electric pallet and contoured half of my nose, cheek, forehead, chin, and under my lip.

Step 3: Blue

Taking the bright light blue eye shadow from the same pallet I did the same contouring on the opposite side on my face.

Step 4: Purple

I took a pastel purple body paint from Mehron and painted on my eye brows. I also took some of that body paint to add little dots all over my face. After that I took it and patted it on my lid and drug it down. I wanted it to have a water color look to it. Then I also drug some of that purple on my cheeks above the pink and blue, as well as above my lip.

Step 5: Lips

First I took that purple body paint and outlined half my top lip, then I outlined half my bottom lip on the other side. Next I grabbed some pink body paint from Mehron and filled in half my top lip, then filled in half my bottom lip on the other side. Then I did the same thing with blue.

Step 6: Highlight

I took some white body paint from Mehron and highlighted under my brow, and also around my lips.

Step 7: Heart Hole

To do the heart hole I took a light brown body paint to fill in a think line of the heart. I then took a lot of brown eye shadows from BH cosmetics to shadow that to make it look like it was a cut out. Then I took a black body paint from Mehron to fill in the hole to make it look like a black hole.

Step 8: Candy

I decided to make the candy the same purple color I was using to add details on the face, so I filled it in. Then I took some darker purple shadows to shadow around the heart.

Step 9: Base

I added the same white base with white body paint.

Step 10: Shadows

To add shadows casing onto my skin. I used different brown eye shadows.

Step 11: Writing

I wrote 'kiss me' on the candy with white body paint.

Step 12: More of the Same Thing

Taking the same eye shadows I used on the face I contoured my bones.

Step 13: Lashes

I used my lavender mascara from NYX as the last step.



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