Candy Witch

Introduction: Candy Witch

I once saw at a party little candy turkeys with no wrappers or anything and they were both adorable and delicious! My goal here was to make a similar creation but with a Halloween theme. This ENTIRELY edible witch took me about a half hour plus to create, but this included planning and finding ingredients.

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Step 1: Bring in the Candies!

First you will need to collect any candies that you can find: I chose the following:

- Twizzlers (About 2 if all goes well)
- Oreos (I chose Halloween imitations)
- Fall Festive Candy Corn Mix
- Pumpkin Seeds
- Starburst
- Chocolate Chips
- Giant marshmallows
- Regular marshmallows

Step 2: Cutting the Twizzlers

  1. First you will have to cut the twizzlers.
  2. You will need four even in length pieces for the arms and legs.
  3. Next you will need to cut several one inch long pieces.
  4. Then cut those one inch pieces in quarters lengthwise for the hair. (** You can also use mike and ikes or long skinny candies for this part if you don't like twizzlers**)
  5. These will be stuck on one small marshmallow to resemble hair.
  6. Melt the chocolate for your "glue" and stick the small cut pieces around the top of the small marshmallow. Only dip the top of the twizzler pieces into the chocolate to give a more clean look, while still securing the candy to the marshmallow.
  7. As for attaching the arms and legs, it is best to make a deep incision in the large marshmallow where you want them to be located. Dip the ends of the arms and legs into the chocolate and then stick them into these incisions. Wait for chocolate to dry before adding anything such as the candy corn shoes or the pumpkin that she is holding.
  8. Once the chocolate is dry, hold the pumpkin in the witch's arms and glue them together with the melted chocolate. Hold together until dry.
  9. Attach two candy corns to the ends of the legs with the melted chocolate.

Step 3: Pumpkin Seed Nose

1. Simply poke a pumpkin seed into the small marshmallow for the witch's nose.
2. Also attach the small marshmallow to the top of the large marshmallow with a spoonful of chocolate.
3. To assemble the hat, take an oreo and and stick it to the top of the witch's head with chocolate.
4. When that chocolate has dried,  put the candy corn on the top of the oreo to make the witch's hat pointy.

Step 4: Every Witch Needs a Cape

1. To make the cape, you will need one or two Starburst.
2. Unwrap the candy and use your bare hands to bend, fold, twist, and flatten the Starburst to make a rectangle about the length and width of the large marshmallow. Stick the Starburst onto the back of the large marshmallow with the chocolate. You will only need to use a small bit of chocolate to stick the top part of the cape.

And voiala!!! You're candy witch is done!!

Another final thought that I had was to make a haunted candy village complete with candy witch! This could include a candy haunted house (similar to a gingerbread house) and a graveyard cake with gravestones made of chocolate covered graham crackers!
Happy Halloween!!!

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    8 years ago on Step 4

    Yummy! These must taste good with those chocolate covered crackers and the cake. :)