Candy Wrapper Origami : Opera Singers!

Welcome to my instructable :D

Here's a little something I had learnt as a child. It's so simple the pictures should speak for themselves.

All you need is any candy wrapper, printed or opaque. Transparent ones will also do but colored ones look better.

What I have here is the Legendary 'Kismi'

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Step 1: NOM!

Eat the candy! 

Then hold the wrapper lengthwise and start making pleats. Make it look like an accordion.

Step 2: Like So

Should look like this. Doesn't have to be perfect.

Step 3: Tie It in to a Knot

Tie it in to a lose knot first and then shift the knot to any one side. Like the second picture here.

Step 4: Unveil the Costume.

Now open the pleats on both sides to form the costume.

Step 5: Done!

It takes hardly couple of seconds. Use it to kill time :D

Step 6: Get Creative!

So that's about it. I call it Candy Wapper Origami :D

Try different colors, styles perhaps maybe tear the top portion from the middle to make two horns
I'll be happy if anyone suggests any similar ideas for kids.. or anybody..

Also I will post a video soon.

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    6 years ago

    Cute! You should post the last image as the main image so people can see what you made!

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