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Candy is a small duck egg made into a Jewel Box. It has a hinged lid with a pretty lining and can be used to store jewelry. The crystals and pearls are Swarovski and the stand and filigrees 24k gold plated. The cute pink roses are made of paper sprayed with a gloss finish to preserve and harden them.
It is a dainty wee egg which I thoroughly enjoyed making.



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    Hi, No it's a duck egg.
    I called it Candy because the color is a bit like candy floss.
    I like to give my eggs a name, Do you think I made a good choice?

    Thank you! It was a challenge working on this smaller egg. See more at

    This is a exquisite egg.Breathtaking,I take my hat off to you. I hope you win. Why not start a web site showing people interested in this art how to get started.If you start a web site I would be addicted to it. I have done a few eggs but nothing as beautiful as yours I would really love your view on the eggs I have done is there any way that I could show you what I have done?. I did not enter the Faberge contest as I live on the other side of the world.

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    I so enjoyed doing this little sweety. It is quite small and so a challege to do the cuts. I just wanted to create something sweet and feminine. I'love to see your work. I have a web page > is a way you can contact me. I teach egg art and hope to produce a book with tutorials and lots of pictures.

    cannot wait, hope to see your book as I live in Africa this type of book is hard to come by. I have sent photos of my work to your web page. Thank you once again for your web page address, keep in contact it is great to know another eggocentric

    This is a beautiful egg. Does anyone know how I can get started on this beautiful craft? I have netted around eggs with beads, and quilled around eggs with paper. This is yet a new art for me to tackle.

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    Hi Farida,I will be putting up a'how to' soon. If you can wait until then. I am a teacher of egg art so I can help you with the start up you need. Do you have a place to get supplies?

    Now that I see a picture with the name, I think you also responded to me regarding the black and white egg that you were making a box for. I have not found an egg supply store around me, but I can always go online with some advice for good sites. is very good. They have a good book selection. I recommend the Book Eggshell Artistry Book 1 to get you started. This is the one I started with many years ago. Another good one is Making Faberge Style Eggs. Just add one thing-strengthen and protect your eggshell with J's Complete Coat- you can get this from The Golden Egg of Idaho. This is another excellent supplier.

    Thanks Claire! I'd just been through a tough time and this was my of celebrating the joy of being a woman.

    Many thanks! It was fun working on a smaller egg for a change.