Canes and Staves

Introduction: Canes and Staves

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How to make a Cane or "Staff".

You'll need:

1) 2 Cheap paint brushes

2) Wood stain / finish ( I used English Chest nut 233)

3) Clear gloss polyurethane

4) sharp pocket knife (needed to get the bark off the stick)

5) A stick, or a piece of wood of your choosing

6) Sand paper (I used 80 and 180 grit)

7) Paper towels

Step 1: Wood

-Pick out a piece of wood, we were clearing out saplings for our dog pin so thats what I used.

-Shave off the bark, if its a older piece of wood it will be a little harder to get the bark off also if you used a sapling like I did it will need to sit out in the sun for a couple of days until it dries up a little so it will soak up the stain.

Step 2: Sand It

Start sanding, sand to your hearts content!

-you will want to sand with a rough grit first to even everything out, then a softer grit to make it smooth.

Step 3: Stain It

Begin staining!

-I used a paper towel and a small fine paint brush to brush the stain on.

-you can put as many layers as you please until you get the shade you want.

Step 4: Gloss



-After you have the perfect shade, use the cheap paint brush and begin adding a decent layer of polyurethane.

-Later if you love how it came out you can just leave it be. I like the thick layer of protection and the extra gloss so I go back and I'll sand it and put on another layer (I usually do about three layers).



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    I do believe it was a sugar maple sapling, judging from the surrounding trees, shade of wood, and the type of leaves it had.