Canna Facts and Canna Plants

Introduction: Canna Facts and Canna Plants

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The canna family, Cannaceae, is comprised of one genus Canna and more than fifty species. Most gardeners choose canna plants for their colorful leaves and blooms to enhance their garden's ornamental or decorative appearance.

Canna species include Canna edulis, Canna indica, Canna glauca, Canna gigantea and Canna speciosa.

Excellent dwarf varieties include Bangkok Yellow, Chinese Coral, Jester Pink, Japanese Rose, Orange Punch, Pink Angel and Porcelaine Rose.

Medium to tall size varieties include Cleopatra, North Star, Picasso, President, Red Futurity and Richard Wallace.
The foliage ranges in color from different shades of green to beautifully variegated leaves.

Canna cultivars with variegated foliage include Bangkok Yellow, Pretoria, Stuttgart and Tropicana.

Canna plants need regular watering and fertilizing with any fertilizer high in Nitrogen. Regular dead-heading of spent flowers results in an attractive floral garden display.

Canna rhizomes should be started in spring indoors before planting them outdoors after all danger of frost has passed generally sometime in the month of May in most of North America.

Cannas are wonderful plants to grow, either in the ground or in pots, and provide the gardener with great aesthetic appeal and appearance in the garden from early summer until fall frost.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    seeing our own cannas liked in americas is most delighting!
    cannas are very common in india and much liked and cherished
    there is mention of cannas in very old literatures!
    so many colours and so many verities
    i will try to upload picture from my garden ,possibly tomorrow!