Canned Light



Introduction: Canned Light

This is a simple concept idea of " canned" or "bottled light". It uses few parts, and some recycled material. Shown is my final product.

Total time to assemble: about 30 minutes.

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Step 1: Materials

Tube-like container (I used a Lays Stax container)
9 Volt battery
2 pairs of alligator clips
2 LEDs
220 Ohm Resistor
Stripped copper wire (or paper clips)
Paper clip

Pliers (not needed, but helpful)
Sharp object, like a knife (not pictured, but hidden inside pliers/multi-tool)

Step 2: Poke Some Holes

Take your knife or sharp object:

Poke 4 holes wide enough for the wire to go through. These holes will be the height where your LEDs will sit. Make sure the holes are all at about the same height, and not too close that the wires will touch.
Mark +/- as to not get confused later on.

On the lid, poke 1 hole through the center.

Step 3: Ready the Assembly

Take the LEDs and curl the ends around the wire. They should slide, but not too easily. 

I took a plastic coated paper clip, and straightened it out.
Then, using the pliers, I went in about 1/2 inch and bent it 90 degrees.
At the other end of the paper clip, I made a small loop, placed the resistor in there, and gently closed it. The resistor will move, but not fall out.

On the resistor, I bent the leads coming out into hook shapes. These will catch the wires and close the circuit. We'll talk about in the next step.

Step 4: Wiring

Make 3 lengths of wire. 

Note which side of the LEDs are Positive and Negative. The negative side is either:
     the shorter lead
     the flat edge
     the side with the larger piece inside (pictured (the right side)

Place the Positive sides of the LEDs around the longest wire.
Place the Negative sides of the LEDs around the next longest wire.

Finagle the pieces to fit into the container. One wire should go through both sides, while the other should only go through one side.
Make sure to keep track of the positive and negative sides!

Take the shortest wire and bend it 90 degrees. (you don't have to, I just did so that it won't fall out too easily)

Place the shortest wire in the last hole. There should be a small gap. 

Step 5: Almost There!

Hook up the battery (again, making sure of the positive and negative). I used alligator clips due to simplicity.

Make sure that the battery is connected to the side with the small wire. The LEDs require a resistor to stop from being burned up. In the picture with the LEDs lit, the battery is connected to the wires on the bottom of the picture. If the battery is connected to the wire on the top of the picture, the LEDs will burn up immediately. 

Hook the resistor/paper clip through the hole in the lid. (Tape if you want) Put the lid on the container.
Now, when you open the lid, take care and bridge the gap with the resistor. The LEDs should light up.

Bottled light! 
This was my first instructable. Please let me know if there is anything I can change to make it easier to read.

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