Canned You Can Make Pie in the Winter

Introduction: Canned You Can Make Pie in the Winter

This is a very simple way to store some apples for winter. For this you will need to:

1. Get some apples and some jars

2. Wash the apples and remove thier skin

3. Slice the apples and remove the seeds

4. Put the slices in you robot and grind them

5. Take some acetilsalicilic acid  (A.K.A aspirin) and mix it with the apples. This will work as a conservant. You can get this from a drug store.

6. Put the apples in the jars

7. Put the jars in a pot and boil them

8.  Let them cool slowly and you have finished.

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    Tracy DonaldC

    hello, where are you ? I have been canning for years, and worry that this is a dangerous mode of canning. I have never seen it done this way. Proper water bath canning for apples should be hot fruit, into hot jars, submerged in boiling water, with a lid for 20 minutes. i also wonder what kind of jars / lids you are using, just because they are not the 2 part lids commonly used. one other thing, i have never ever heard of using ASPIRIN. we use a product called citric acid for keeping the fruit from browning, i think it is powdered lemon juice? or i just use lemon juice. i dont think i would recommend aspirin. i just dont want to see anyone get sick.